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EYE-1 concrete expanding agent
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Model EYE-1 Concrete Expanding Agent is a recent product which is suitable for the waterproof and leak-tight of concrete roof, the anticrack of road and the anti-seep of underground space, as well as the moistureproof of gound surface etc. In addition, it is uesd for others required for shrink compensation, leakage proofing, strength improvement. mending concrete fissures joint and injecting as machine base and footing screw etc, with a good result.


Technical Specifications    

1. Grey powder, specific gravity 2.45. fineness< 10% (by 0.08mm screen).
2. Adding quantity: as for the correct ingredient ratio, the adding quantity means the ratio of replacing the cement, i.e. 5% in thin mortar( below 3cm), 8% in thick mortar and 10% in concrete.
3. Expansion limiting rate: 0.02%-0.06%, self expanding stress value; 0.2-0.9MPa.
4. Strength: Its compressive strength of concrete added EYE-1 is 25% greater than that of common concrete.
5. Permeationproof capacity: The permeationproof capacity of concrete added EYE-1 is S12-S14 .
6. Antifreeze capacity: similar to that of common concrete
7. Adhesive strength: over 2 times higher than common concrete. 

8. Resistance to rust: rustless to steel, erosion resistance to sea water, and no pollution to water body.9. Operation condition: After adding EYE-1, the decantating water decreases and the loss of slump increases slightly. 


Package and Storage    

Model EYE-1 expanding agent is  packad is a double layer bag, i.e. the outer layer is the polypropylen fiber bag and the inner is the plastic film. Net weight per bag is 25kg±0.5kg. Special package is available according to customers' requests.
This product is not combustible and not easy explosive. Be carefull in handling. Pay attention to keeping it from humidity, rain and inner bag damage. The shelf life is six months. When exceeding this life, the products can be only used if it has been passed a new physical performance testing.    

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