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ZC-1 cement accelerator
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ZC-2 setting accelerator is an additive used to speed the setting and hardening of cement, mortar and concrete, especially shortcrete. It is used for road tunnels, rail tunnel, shafts/drifts and excavations in all mines and other underground  engineering such as hydroelectricity, military industry and civil air defense etc, also suitable for civil construction projects which are required to commission as early as possible and to quicken the solidifying and hardening of ground surface.



It is gray powder, dissolved in water partially, non-toxic and no caustic to person, non-chloride and no rusty damage to steel, and good adaptability to all types of cement.    

Technical Specifications    

1. Setting Time: At 20±3℃, the initial time of setting is  1~3min and the final time is 3~6min when the adding quantity is 3~4% of cement weight and the water-cement ratio is 0.4.
2. Compressive Strength: When the adding quantity is 3~4% of cement weight, compressive strength of concrete of one day is not less than 8Mpa and compressive strength of 28 days is not less than 90% of mortar without cement accelerator.
3. Fineness: Oversize≤12% (by 0.08mm standard screen)
4. Moisture: ≤1.5%
5. Dust concentration:     28.1mg/m3 (near sprayer)
                                      27.2mg/m3 (at spraying head)
6. Rebound rate: 15.2% when the adding rate of cement accelerator is 4%.    


Model ZC-2 setting accelerator package is a double layer bag, i.e. the outer layer is the weaving plastic and the inner is the film. Net weight per bag is 25kg±0.5kg.
Storage and Transport
This product has a high hygroscopicity, so it must be stored in the dry environment. The storage time is over 8 months. Damage to the package is prohibited in the process of handing.

We have passed the test by Sudbury Lab in Canada. We can provide test report. We can provide MSDS.


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